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Become a brand ambassador

Do you want to become a brand ambassador for Ebony's Boutique LLC?

How the program works is you will receive a 30% discount for your purchase. Once you receive your products you will post about our page with a minimum of 2 posts a month. You will also be given a discount code for your followers which will be 10% off  

Before you start here are the requirements

  • must have 1000+ followers
  • must be active on your page/s (post more than twice a week)
  • must have 15+ posts already on your page/s 
  • have a quick response time
  • post good quality photos 
  • no private pages
  • must not expect free products (you will get a 20% discount as of right now)
  • must be nice and not rude or you will be blocked

If you believe you match these requirement,  you can fill out this form